Piecco Pang communicates through handbags.  He organises thoughts, emotions, memories and belongings with his handbags and invites their users to do the same.

Why handbags?  “When I was a child, I loved school bags, pencil cases and boxes.  I suppose I’ve always been obsessed by bags.  I find it very soothing to put everything in the right place.  It’s also important for me to create something tangible and aesthetically pleasing that I can use and that isn’t just decorative.”

Since Piecco started designing handbags in 2005, he has perfected various forms, concentrating on clutch bags.  “You don’t usually use a clutch during the day, so a clutch can be a night time fantasy.  It’s about dressing up and using something that’s not an everyday choice.  Carrying one makes an event special and reminds me of each time that I used it before.”  A bag thus becomes a talisman and a repository of memories of the occasions that you use it.  

Craftsmanship is Piecco’s priority.  His handbags, often in exotic leathers, are meticulously constructed for durability, in opposition to both disposable fast fashion and big brand emphasis on logos over real quality.  Piecco is also fascinated by numbers.  Each collection is based on a core trio of styles and there are magic ratios in the proportions of his handbags that represent the most pleasing forms.  Vibrant colours are another signature element of Piecco’s designs.      



Piecco’s handbags represent a distillation of his thoughts and experiences.  “Anything could be the inspiration for a collection.  Even my lack of knowledge about something has been an inspiration to discover, to react and to try something different.”  Sometimes Piecco’s beliefs motivate his work, such as the need to live with more thought and less meaningless consumerism, as conveyed by his use of upcycled big brand handbags.  

“I’m influenced by current events.  Crisis situations in the news make me think about how we got there.  We always need to question what we are told and to look at things from different perspectives.”  So his bags may involve many different elements where the interest is in harmonising materials or colours that would otherwise jar.  Or they may express paradoxes by clashes of colour or exaggerated proportions.  

“I’m influenced too by the people with whom I spend a lot of time.  I want to express their natures and relationships in, for example, the materials I find for embellishing a handbag.”  This openness to others means that Piecco welcomes the dialogue that goes into making bespoke pieces.


Piecco Pang